Sanding and Refinishing


Stain Colors

Please see color chart provided for basic color selection. Upon customer selection from online chart Mr. Sandman will provide larger samples in person.


We begin the sanding process using a belt sander at the middle of the floor, a circular sander for the edges of the floor and hand scrapers for the corners. The final step is finer sanding using a buffer with a screen.

To achieve the desired results for your floor, we use various grits of sandpaper. It all depends on the type of wood and finish of the floor. The goal is to completely remove the old finish and flatten the floor.

Scraping and Screening

The final step is scraping, which is done before the finish is applied. We do this process by hand using a very sharp paint scraper to plane the wood along the edges and corners of the floor. Once scraping is finished, screening is performed with a buffer. This has a 100, 120, or 220 grit. The buffer smooths the floor, blending the surface evenly. The process is repeated after every coat of finish.

Staining and Coating

Stain is an oil-based liquid that provides color to your new hardwood flooring. After an application, excess stain is wiped off and three coats of finish is applied. We perform the screening process and vacuum the floor between coats of finish.