Hardwood Flooring Repair

Mr. Sandman offers a multitude of solutions for damaged hardwood floors. Mr. Sandman is limited to hardwood flooring and refinishing repairs, as well as small subfloor repairs. Repairs we typically do include board replacement and refinishing the floor in which the boards have been replaced. Generally, we will not replace boards unless we are refinishing the floor in which the boards are being replaced. The reason for this is that the board must be sanded flat with the rest of the floor and we can’t sand and finish a section of flooring and get the stain and finish to match exactly. We replace the boards in the existing floors on a regular basis; however floors must be fully re-sanded and refinished to guarantee an exact match.

When refinishing floors, we must sand and finish from wall to wall. We can generally match any stain fairly closely. However if you are not planning on refinishing your entire floor, you need to expect some color and sheen difference. We can only stop sanding in doorways that run parallel to the seam of the boards. In structures where the doorway is perpendicular to the seam of a board; we must continue the refinishing to the next room to achieve a professional appearance.

Common Repairs

The most common types of repairs are scratches, dents, gouges, water damage, chemical/fire burns, pet stains, plant stains, and holes from cable or wire installations. All of these repairs require the sanding and finishing of the whole floor, not just sections. Sections of floor cannot be matched or blended into existing areas.

Repairs can be performed in almost any situation. However, the extent of the repair depends on various factors. We have been able to repair and refinish floors that are over 100 years old and made them look close to new.

Scratches, Dents, and Gouges

Mr. Sandman can provide expert advice on hardwood flooring repairs for scratches, dents, and gouges. Scratches, dents, and gouges that are less than 1/8 inch deep can usually be repaired by sanding and refinishing. Scratches, dents or gouges deeper than this require boards to be replaced and the whole floor sanded and finished.

Chemical/Fire (sparks) Burns, Pet Stains, and Plant Stains

Mr. Sandman has experience with and can provide consultation for flooring burns or stains. Fortunately, these types of issues can be sanded and finished, unless they are too deep into the wood. All of these have the potential for the boards being replaced and then re-sanding and finishing the area. Once again, anytime we mention sanding and finishing, it requires the whole floor and adjacent areas, not just a section where the damage has occurred.

Holes in the Floor

We often come across flooring that needs a repair of hole in floor. Nail holes or staple holes caused from carpet installation, can be filled, sanded and finished. These kind of holes require wood filler. Holes in the floor resulting from cable or speaker wire installation may be able to be filled also, but typically require board replacement, sanding, and finishing.

Water Damage

Damage to wood floor from water is best resolved by seeking a professional consultation and following wood floor industry standards and insurance company recommendations. Mr. Sandman has years of experience consulting with homeowners and insurance companies for damage caused by water. Please contact the office for a thorough, detailed and experienced plan to repair after water damage.