Hardwood Floor Maintenance

Looking to maximize the life of those brand new hardwood floors? There are a couple of basic hardwood flooring maintenance tips and tricks you can do:

        1. Place felt glides on the feet of furniture to prevent scratching/scraping floor.
        2. Do not drag any hard or heavy objects across the floor which could gouge or dent the floor.

Routine Maintenance

Of all the maintenance tips the easiest one of all is to regularly keep floors clean to keep them looking brand new. Sweeping or dusting floors is one way to do so. If you would like to know more about products to use on your hardwood floors feel free to contact us.

Recoating Floors

Depending on the traffic your hardwood floor experiences you want to recoat your floors to keep them looking new. High-traffic areas tend to need recoating every 3-4 years, while low-traffic areas could last up to 20 years. If you start seeing any wearing patterns feel free to contact us. Also, keep in mind that recoating a floor will not fix worn areas or areas that have deep dents, gouges or scratches. Recoating also will not bring the color back to flooring.